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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc lec 11 oct 22  From hopelessness to hope 1945-1951 o Financial challenges o Role of teachers o Hope commission o Minority report  1945-1955 huge pressure on catholic schools in terms of population because it is growing in the province; pop was growing b/c of baby boom, immigration especially from Portugal and Italy, and these people go into the catholic schools because they’re also catholics and want the religion to grow; people from eastern European as well were immigrating from Poland and Czech o The principal stress these administrators faced is how much to tax  Tax depends on value of your property multiplied by the mil grate (parts per thousand) it is the way in which u assess tax o Hamilton it was estimated to cost $47.38 to educate a student in the catholic school system per year in the public system it was $83.99, the catholics have their rate low b.c they cant have their mil rate be too high  Value millrate  Lets say your property is worth $5,000 o Your mill rate was .005 o You end up with $25 tax this was avg o In other areas property tax was $70 o Trustees had problems with retention; people decide to jump and leave the school; with this you lose the ratepayer and their kids especially if they have a lot of kids, there goes the money from having the kids in their school as well as the grants from the government based on attendance  People would leave the schools when they noticed that they were paying more than let’s say their neighbour  Role of trustees o Look at education act for duties of trustees and laws o They are elected and are a big role in terms of governing a school system o Responsible of provision
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