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SMC330Y1 Lecture Notes - Tantrum, Essenes

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Reid Locklin

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Lecture 2 9/12/2012 8:07:00 AM
Jesus of Nazareth 4BCE-30CE
Period of Greek and Roman occupation (63BCE), destruction of the
Second Temple [Jerusalem largely destroyed] (70CE)
Mark probably the earliest gospel around 70CE -> Matthew, Luke, John
much later
Paul’s letter’s 50-60CE
No documents referring directly to Jesus in his period
Sources outside Christian tradition, witnesses of Jewish movement
Short hymnic passages in Paul’s letters… talking -> launching into song…
song that existed before him (i.e. Corinthians)
Pheme: diff ways of articulating different roles of jesus
Frederiksen: stops short of Pheme’s claims?
John the Baptist apocalyptic eschatologist
Jesus follower of John… predicted by him
Jesus ethical eschatologist
higher literacy studies
Jesus focuses on small towns and cities (away from skeptical rich), heal
Miracle workers
Popular culture mixed in with nature of storytelling
Kingdom of God
Jesus as social reformer or fire brand, both different but reflected in
gospel traditions
Roman police action, Pontius Pilate
Jesus overturning money tables…. Temple tantrum vs cleansing the
temple (gospel differences) -> Jesus sounding like Essene
Role of priests
Crucifixion not used for Jewish executions
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