SMC330Y1 Lecture Notes - Burning Bush

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Published on 21 Nov 2012
Theology of hope and politics
Postwar context 60s political hope, JFK
Past -> future, change ourselves, countries
Concept of Kingdom of God, presence of God, repentance/transformation
Action on behalf of oppressed/poor
Freedom -> spiritual/political
Schleimacher God consciousness, appeal to experience and absolute
dependence of God, absolute consciousness in Christ
Rahner Jesus humanity all attributes to make him human (self-
transcendence), openness to divine mystery in absolute way
Moltmann eschatology (language about the end), philosophical
Theology of hope (1964)
Cultural context, hope, student riots, JFK…
Hebrew scriptures, Moses meeting God in burning bush -> “I am who I am”
Hebrew more correct to translate to “I will be who I will be”
Transition from static categories (on being) to dynamic (becoming)
Promise pledge proclaiming reality not yet at hand… new future, in promise
future is already word-present
Promise of new creation, futurity
New element of surprise implied
Surplus value of hope (because promise wasn’t as expected)
Promise in future presence of God, remaking earth
Not just author of creation but content of recreation
Future is mode of God’s being
Moses and Promised Land not milk and honey new future and hope
God meeting at promised point of future but move on
Novum (now) > evolution -> future
Revolution and Revelations
Continuing dynamic seen in scripture
Jesus, anticipation and anticipator… makes promises about future presence,
confirms exact same pattern… future different
Jesus behaves in present as if future has arrived
Future is God
Not restoration of life before but general resurrection already begun, promise
already present in crucified and risen Christ
Controversy of Christ being tried and punished same way as criminals -> Christ
has come for the people like criminals, poor, oppressed
Christ of God sign of God’s hope on earth in those who live in shadow of cross
crucified god hope for future
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