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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Yolanda Iglesias

Why was the decameron orignally written in latin? - He went to the university just to be a lawyer, but he became fascinated with literature - Therefore, he started to study latin as well - Then he decided that he wanted to become neither lawyer nor merchant - He was thinking about his audience - He wrote in latin to advise men about women The black death - Fictional novels are amazing documents to complete descriptions of historical events - How does medieval historans and socialogists differ on view points on the black death? Historians - The plague carried by fleas - It devasted the medieval world - 100k to 50k population in Florance - London dropped to one third of former size - 2k Jews killed in Stratsburg - Massive death caused socio-economic shifts Socologists - 1347-50 - Killed over 50 million people in just two years - Severe chills, fever, conclusions, vomitting, dark spots, sqollen glands - Usually killed in day 2, by day 21, 90% of people were dead - Humans got the disease by fleas who usually bite rats, but since all the rats died, they bit humans instead - Started in china, went to india, to persia, to europe - The disease spread not only on land but on sea - Fleas jumped from man to man, or rat to man - Very few royalty and nobels affected - 25% of knights affected - Hardest hit group were the servants and se
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