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St. Michael's College Courses
Yolanda Iglesias

Exam: one question will be on the guest lecturer's content on Dante The Decameron: a really good introduction written by prof to the decameron (already scanned and on blackboard) For the next assignment: multiple choice format, and don't need to write summary for the decameron THE KNIGHT'S TALE - Themes listed in the purple handout Women's role in society - Women have to be tamed in society - Higher class women also not as wild as lower class women Contrast between the greek gods and God - The greek gods don't seem to have absolute control over everything - They have to querrel, and when they promise conflicting things to their people, they have to solve it amongst themselves - The Christian God, on the other hand, is seen as having absolute power Free will - There is no absolute free will - Our futures are already written in the constellations - However, by appealing to the gods, you can change the things in between The end: is it happy? - You have to first have tragedy to have happiness - This was a happy ending - The knight marries his lady and they are love THE MILLER'S TALE Lack of morality - This is a very silly story told by a wasted narrator - There is a lot of irony in this tale - They are merely wealthy but not noble-born Unmatched married - Alison is much younger than the carpenter she was married to - It gives a reason
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