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Thought, Belief and Behaviour
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Holly Wardlow

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February 14 2012 Mississippi Masala Film 117minutes Movie starts in Uganda 1952 Protagonist male attends home, retrieves family and moves family away. He is leaving because it is the last day in Uganda He is expelled when Idi Amin takes power. Opelo uncle gives farewells to protagonist and family leaving Uganda. The family hits a check point, the guards demand the wife to show what is inside her luggage. She passes the check point and proceeds. Family moves from Uganda to Mississippi 1990 now The young daughter grows up into a young adult and is shopping at the grocery store. She buys milk for the wedding and on the drive back, she crashes her car into a delivery truck. Side story: Delivery man (Tyrone) where his car was hit. He lectures a teen. Deliveryman’s father is a server to white folk restaurant. During an Indian wedding of a relative, Meena (protagonist daughter) gets taken away by a Indian man to another party. A western party with hip hop music. Meena meets Tyrone again and she builds a relationship with him ,leaving the Indian man that brought her to the party. The Indian guy gets upset for getting ditched and leaves Tyrone cleans carpets. Next scene. The carpet cleaners clean an Indian motel owned by relatives of Meena Indian relatives warning Tyrone
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