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Lecture 10- HLTC02 March 18, 2013 • What do these histories of nursing reveal about how gender intersects with racialization and socio-economic class? • How can these insights contribute to your own analysis (group projects and final papers)? • Video: Tuskegee Syphilis study, apology from Bill Clinton • Treatment (penicillin) was deliberately withheld from 400 men already suffering from syphilis • Aim of study: to investigate untreated syphilis in the male negro (used concept of ‘bad blood’) • Nurse Rivers?  she was an intermediary between the male white doctors (public health physicians) and male black victims Nurse Rivers and Tuskegee Study 1. What are the challenges for historians trying to understand Nurse Rivers’ perspective on the study? - she hasn’t maintained much - testifying : she called her own friend on her own time and shared her perspectives - testimony she gave the senate committee - white man called Joans who published the first book on Tuskegee 2. According to Reverby, what were Rivers’ perspectives on the men in the study, how they were treated, and her role in the ‘research’? - over 50 wives and children were infected during the study - she was a good student and could’ve gotten into medicine and became a dr. but she noticed how the others doctors acted, so she wanted to take care of them (in her mind, that was the way she was treating them) - caring = treatment, according to treatment - she advocated money to raise for their burials - caring and healing work - relationship with the white physicians?-> hypervisible in morality; even though they were higher status in society, but she had more morals ; she stood her ground as a nurse - she saw them as being mistreated by the physicians -> she challenged this, she considered this racism, paternalism; she insisted on her patients being treated with respect - ultimately, she had a lot of power and authority in the black community - withholding of penicillin: pg. 373 -> moral uncertainty; just following orders in a nursing voice. She’s arguing in her voice, demeanor, self-presentation, shift from being assertive to someone just following orders suggests her own moral d
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