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- Forbidden Love came out of studio D, which was a very feminist-centered studio in the NFB, whose goal was to tell women’s stories to all Canadians and to train women to work in film - This is an oral history project where people get to tell their own stories of their own experiences in their own words - It’s sometimes difficult to find these histories because they aren’t written down anywhere in a central place - Oral history allows people agency about how they are represented - Pulp fiction lesbian novels often introduced women to those ideas or formed their knowledge about themselves - They also shaped how “outsiders” viewed lesbians - Pulp fiction novels followed a specific trope, where the women would get together but then it would end in tragedy - People used those books to learn about themselves or even to come out to others - But most of these books were actually written by heterosexuals, particularly men, and were written simply because they were sensationalistic and written mostly for male enjoyment instead of for the women themselves - Butch/femme roles weren’t simply miming and recreating heterosexual ideals - Butch/femme have different meanings in d
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