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New Media: internet P5? What separates new media from old media, new media is interactive in a new way... Power of mass media... Old: one to many, works well if people value authority... Now: many to many (sounds more democratic and participatory) Oppressive authority or absence of authority? Used to have regular instances to receive news (tv time...) Now everyone goes on their own... when it's convenient for you, except really sports where it makes sense to congregate as a social experience... Mail. Now phasing out, but before, used mail to organize people New Media text: Telegraph... break down prejudice If people have a chance to talk, much easier to work things out Democracy requires small communities where people can talk face to face: with new media that broke down great distances, people thought democracy could be spread across great countries "Movie would unite the people of the world..." Some author??? Creation of Canada, an act of communication across the country Jesse Hirsh and The Academy of the Impossible - bringing the internet to real life... Internet was a distraction... internet doesn't exist, tech change our relationship with authority (parents, teachers, gov)... shift from institutional (mostly white guys - patriarchy) to cognitive authority (more feminized sense of power, more decentralized...) - provides signal amidst noise ie new media - always lots of noise in new media (tv, twitter, internet, radio...) sharing signal, building audience... being respected... A learning curve - dynamic body of knowledge Ability to learn, not what you learn New media controls your day... Fuct - fully under the control of technology - denial and convenience Addiction to connectivity, how often are people looking at screens Hard for us to evaluate what we live through, history isn't clear cut anyway Even today, still of people who do not embrace internet... 2 societies of old and new eras Court of Law vs Court of Public Opinion (faster, more accessible, more popular, altho perhaps petty) Where Judge, jury, e
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