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Chapter 7 notes

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Chapter 7 The Wag Dog NotesWhy was JF Kennedy a puzzling matter when he first came into presidencyHe wasnt really considered by the liberal wing of his party to be one of themAppeared the picture of the civilized liberal yet had no clear record of supporting liberal causes Talked about peace but railed in aggressively anxious terms against the missile gapWhat did the E blocs leaders think about the new pres JFKThey thought that the new young inexperienced president might be a fault line in the edifice of W solidarity that could be exploited Kennedy would be more flexible than Eisenhower when it came to Berlins overall status Khrushchev also saw JFK as potentially weak a rich mans son whose daddys money had bought him a high position which might prove beyond his powers Khrushchev pointed out that JFK was younger than his own son Khrushchev thought JFK was an unknown quantity though he wobbled between two possible scenarios 1 Soviet leaders would bully JFK into making sig concessions or 2 The young leader might be an obedient tool of the Wall st capitalists who swore to destroy the USSR at any price Why was JFKs career not successful at firstThe disaster at the Bay of Pigs in 196
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