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Kenneth Bartlett

Discussion of Florence from a visual perspective. Dynamic city by the capturing of the guilds and the introduction of a constitution of governance. Walls around the city were the walls of the 14th century. There was a gap near the walls that was not filled for a while until they recovered demographically from the black death. Towers were tall, fortified at the bottom and normally attached to a palace. They were filled with thugs and they used to hide in them if they were really violent times. Fortress in the city. Palace of the Bargello, Podesta - built as a fortress of the podesta, was a jail, only secular building remaining - towers represented power: secular, religious or collective power - Florence recognized that if they kept the florin healthy they would be fine - commissioned Arnolfo da Cambio to build the Signoria in order to bring together all of the offices of state and protect the priors - Uberti failed to recognize the power of them - all their palaces were torn down and public spaces were put in their place - ringing of bells for all the male heads of the community to come together to vote on things, Balia Piazza de la Signoria Time of the grand duche Used to great people of significance in public Churches changed and had to reflect the values of the community. Franciscan Church. Sta Croce Church of the Holy Still a Gothic style church with the pointed arches Started something that the architecture did not support - Banking families created their own chapels - Private
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