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Kenneth Bartlett

Petrarch o made significant contribution to the modern world - the concept of the individual, self-created individual o he invented the sonnet and the sonnet sequence o sociological cultural revolutionist similar effect to the Beatles o defined and almost invented the concept of inferiority o sent to Bologna where he was thoroughly enamored by Ancient Latin and the classical culture o saw classical letters as a guide for life o Church of St. Clair in Avignon he fell in love and spotted for first time Laura o used Laura as a device in order to define to be in love, Petrarch in love. o Petrarch approached Colonna family in order to find a job o In the papal court developed a sense of personality and how to see it through another set of eyes o "what does it mean to be human" o Believed that Cicero was speaking to him and saw that the middle ages blocked that for him and he was rattled o Represented the modern world to Petrarch o new way of dealing with the world o found this through the way in which that Cicero wrote in Latin o connection between style and content that he thought was profound o began to find connections between the quality of your thought, reasoning with your soul, and the clarity of your speech o most of the classics were pagans, subsequently took what he could out of pagan literature for the means of Christianity o what Petrarch saw in the classics was a guide as to how to lead a good life, life on Earth o validating human life on earth, establishing values that aren’t based on scripture but rather values that can be used for day to day life o made erotic love acceptable because he viewed it as being something that is human o celebration of things that you feel, outside reason as well as reason o Canzoniere - goes through his emotional life on the topic of how he responded to Laura(love) o Had all of his letters that he sent into his register, altered, change and edited the letters that he had tucked away because he was beginning to realize his fame o created an integrity to his life and created himself again in a better a newer way. The self fashioned individual. o You put on faces to meet the faces that you meet." T.S. Elliot o begins to develop the idea of the validation of human life on Earth, the value of the self-created individual and the ideas of interiority --> individu
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