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Kenneth Bartlett

Venetian republic was believed to be the perfect constitution How does it even exist. Result of the barbarian invasion Romans found safe hiding from the barbarians in the swamp lands of the pao Everyone was equal in this fishing camp Structure of life that required lots of cooperation because of the in hospitality of the land Began to develop a constitution for themselves based around a republic of equals Codified in 697 with the first Duke of Venice Ravenna became the capital of the Byzantine rule of Italy by City of Classe was the main port of the Byzantines in the 6, 7 and 8th century gaining them control of the Adriatic Venice was not under the hold of the Roman Church and subsequently became Orthodox Christians Oak came from Slovenian and was the basic structure around which the entire city of Venice was built. This oak came from Dalmatia from the port of Istria. Pounded these long piles of oak into the ground and built a city around all of it. The coming of the first crusade was good because they had all the requirements to ship off all of these people off to the crusade. The Venetian state subsequently became a very wealthy and powerful state. In 1202 Zara revolted and drove out the Venetians. Baldwin of Flanders destroyed Zara in order to earn the ability to make passage to Israel. Baldwin destroyed Constantinople subsequently became the center for trade of all the western world once they destroyed the Byzantine grip on them. Unlike Florence there were no class warfare of ideological divides. All of the people in Venice worked in specialized trades. Arsenal were the ones who built ships and built ships on a kind of assembly line. The arsenals built human pyramids in order to teach teamwork and build strength. There began to become a struggle between old money and new money leading to a Sevrata 1297. They closed the great counsel into the members who were already in there and could not be changed. There then were 3 legally defined classes in Venice. Each class had very specific powers and responsibilities. Nobles which were 150 families (it was costly to be in this position) Cittdaini Originali who were the up and coming wealthy below them was everyone else Scuole were people who lived in fraternities and had specific responsibilities 1305 a group of young nobles felt that Venice was too much of a gerontocracy led by Tiepolo. Walked horses from their meeting place to Piazza San Marco and started stirring. An old lady pegged one of them with a mortar and pestle and knocked Tiepolo off his horse then went home. This was the revolt of Biemonti Tiepolo. This led to civil unrest for the next 5 years. 1310 - 1315 the council of ten, c
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