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Lecture 11

JAV200H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Karl Popper, Progressive Field, Auguste Comte

Architecture and Visual Studies
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Charles Stankievech

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Lecture 11 - OBJECTIVITY
Seeing the Unseen
-what is the role of an artist when photographs can produce images better?
Now it is to bring social/political forces it is reactive
-Used visual documents to extend the way we see the world technology was pushing itself to
do better progressive field
Art is moving with it as a reaction shadowing each other
Empirical philosophical position that supports a scientific engagement of the world and
assumes meaning exists out in the World, independent of feelings or beliefs. Knowledge
is produced by reproducible experiments
o Feelig ae iteio ad i ou ids ad thees had las of phsis i the
outside world that needs to be experimented with
o Key thinkers:
August Comte
Karl Popper
Truth exist when it corresponds with reality gets harder with
economics/psychology/observation, it becomes abstract
The desire for unbiased, non-emotional perspective based in methodological protocol or
mediated observation usually referring to rational argument or scientific presentation.
Objectivity has always been defined in relation and opposition to subjective position as
a corrective
o A system that with a tool to measure it so it becomes standardized with this we
can create reproducible experiments
Idea of being genuine, sincere and truthful. An artifact has value based on its
authenticity to its claims of originality or connection to an event or figure. Photography
is paradoxical in its claims to authenticity due to its mechanical nature
o Is the negative the authentic production or the photograph?
- (False) Colourisation:
Technique used by scientists to distinguish different data in an image instead of
accurately representing how light interacts with the unaided eye. An example of this
would be an image of Space Nebula with the inclusion of ultraviolet light into the picture
or the differentiating of body organs by colour in an MRI scan.
o Producing images not according to how your eyes see things but it is
programmed to look like what to would look like from your site
o Not a scam but it is for the visual culture communication tool not about
-Case study one: X-rays
Birth of the X-Ray 1895 Rontgen
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