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Lecture 2

WGS372H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Penis Envy, Oedipus Complex, Castration

Women and Gender Studies
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Pat Durish

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WGS372 Lecture 2 July 8 - Three Essays on Sexuality
idea of upper floor of house being superego, ground = ego, basement = id
those 3 levels of the mind giving your the psyche,
relationship between superego & id; the building & containing of the id continues in
super ego is not the controller its the obscene force
Drive Versus Instinct
Instinct: "an innate capacity or necessity to react to a particular set of stimuli in a
stereotypes or constant way" Brenner 16
Stimuli - Excitation - Motor Repsonse
Drive: "genetically, psychic constituent which, when operative, produces a state of pschic
excitation or... tension. This excitation or tension impels the individual to activity, which is
also genetically determined in a general way, but which can be considerable altered by
individual experience " Brenner 17
Frued is all about drives, what he's interested in is how we control these drives and how
they motivate us, what we do with these drives as we grow & mature
there's a difference between instinct and drive - drive don't necessarily have any
programmed outcome
we have an impulse where there's no set ways for it to be gratified; it can have a
variety of expressions
Topography of the Mind
● Unconscious
only way of getting to unconscious is ie. hysteria; has a big part of play in the way
we express our sexuality and gender; a lot of it is repressed in our childhood
● Preconscious
inbetween space that moderates and allow some stuff to pass through
● Conscious
we have direct access to it and it's considered to be a very small part
infantile amnesia - the more we repressed it in unconscious, the more it drives us
our need to minize is part of the defensive structure that allows us to make it stay
Structure of the Mind
● ID
pleasure seeking of all kind; part of the kid that plays in poop
drive part
part that kind of tries to get satisfaction but also behave to some degree
partion of everything
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