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Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

Gender Variance and Diversity Over Time 1) The sex/gender binary system 2) Performing gender 3) Regulating the sex/gender binary system a. The 5 laws of a bi-polar sex/gender system The sex/gender binary 1) The classification of sex and gender into two distinct and biological forms of masculine and feminine 2) A social boundary used to prevent people from crossing or mixing gender roles 3) The system in which a society divides people into male and female gender roles, identities and attributes Social constructionist: Tells us that gender is a fluid construct It is not determine by our biology, but is a product of our environment, our performance, our culture and our society We don’t have gender – we do gender Drag: “describes discontinuities between gender and sex or appearance and reality but refuses this discontinuity to represent dysfunction.. drag performance, incongruence becomes the site of gender creativity.” – ragan rhyme, racializing white drag p. 185 Regulating the sex/gender binary system “ma vie en rose” Gender is not fixed Gender is regulated Gender matters Limitations of sex/gender binary system and how it has been imposed and regu
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