Gender and Violence

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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

 Intersectionality and Gender Violence  Violence, Colonialism and Genocide  Individual & Structural Forms of Violence  Responses to Gender Violence Guest-Speaker: Nadia Saad, No One is Illegal   Violence against women has a long history.  It also takes many forms o i.e. the marriage manual o The more you beat the better they'll be  Men of colour are more likely to be charged and committed than a white man  Gendered violence > to acknowledge the violence against trans people o Physical and emotional violence  Reena Virk o Teenage girls and violence o Murdered November 1997 o Girls killing girls  Brutalized, beaten, drowned  Reason: overweight girl who didn't fit in  Victoria BC  6 girls, 1 boy  "didn't fit in" her race ? Race was not touched upon in the new but it was a part of the bullying The murder of Reena Virk needs to be understood in the context of violence against racially  subordinated women  Amnesty International o Stolen Sisters, Discrimination and violence against Indigenous women in Canada o Highway of Tears (missing women in BC) o "The social and economic marginalization of Indigenous women, along with a history of government policies that have torn apart Indigenous families and communities, has pushed a disproportionate number of Indigenous women into dangerous situations that include extreme poverty, homelessness and prostitution" o When certain (indigenous, poor, of colour, etc) women called 911, no response or delayed response.  Different Forms of Violence as They Affect Women's Security o Rape (Gang, Marital, Partner, Date) o Assault o Harassment o Femicide o Medical Violence o War o Cultural Violence o Massacres and Terrorism  The more barbaric & stereotypical &
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