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Wdw335 APRIL 1 Private policing Final-identical to midterm. 3 questions. Elaborate on the content. Provide the evidences, integration. Read the material  5/6 questions.rdrom the midterm. Narrow topics. As much lecture material as possible. 3 hours arguments. 23 Tuesday 2-5pm Private policing  Story of private policing,  Obvious –major transformations happened in many countries. Complex network of policing  Reform era-crime, the public police, crime experts  Changed over the last 40 years  State, not the only institution, performed by many agencies, outside of government- Pluralization of policing. Policing services are offered by private companies and volunteering organizations-ex. neighbourhood watch. State employs private companies, as a way of performing social order functions. Military is not sufficient.  2012-private security personnel outnumbers public officers. Even though the gap is narrowing. From 1996-to 2001, and then it changes again due to the 9/11. In 2012 88,000 personnel across Canada comparing to 66,000 public police officers. Exponential growth of public security. Public police remained constant relative to the population. In the US 3 times more private then public.  Individual communities use volunteer resources and people. Safe school act. –ontario. Condos- private security personnel, and individuals who volunteer as well, ex. commercial private companies, replacing the functions of public police. bloor/ York association.  Profiling individuals who board airplanes. By private entities, not all of it.  Ports, airports, private retail centers. All of the large commercial places. Even residential places policed privately.  The culture of control-2005 book. Think of America as one big prison, everyone is behind the bar, and being guarded by the guards, culture of control. Everyone is supervised. Data is compiled until the data is needed. Security perimeter, surveillance, opportunity for private policing.  Private policing is NOT A NEW THING what has changed is its growth  We are seeing a return to it. Private security have expanded their range of functions-have become specialists. Have surpassed the state police.  This includes forensics. (was select training for public policing). Savvy at the investigation of corporate fraud, private protecting against high tech corporate crimes. –reaching for private police.  What does it mean for public police? police is redefining, and finding new roles. Chronic issue for the police. police are not really effective at controlling crime, not very efficient at preventing crime. Police is being helped by technology. The nature of policing explains this. Very difficult to prevent crime. Society is not the way as it was before, became very complex.  Ex. retail owner-want to prevent people from stealing their product, but police is not very good at preventing crime.  As a result of all of the changes, due to the explanation growth of private police, difference between the institution of policing and the policing as a function ( an add on to the work of police).  Policing refers to the individual activities acting in a legal way to maintain security and social order.  Ex. bank tellers. Involved in the activity known as policing.  Initially they were there for asset protection, to assist public policing.  Ex ,shopping mall security guards, engaged in arrests, making searches. It was an exclusive right of public policing. When Canadians experience policing, it is likely to be private policing, rather than public policing. They have a preventative function, that one usually associates with public police. function of private security, people or technology, is to reduce the risk of crime, by taking preventive action. they are not there to enforce specific behaviour. Far more responsive to the bottom line of safety. Can be fired for not doing good.  Is there a core function that can be
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