WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Anal Stage, Genital Stage, Psychopathology

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23 Oct 2012
WDW205 Lecture 4 10/01/2012
Biology, Psychology and Crime
Biological Theories
- Looking for particular traits increase the likelihood that one will be involved
in crime
o Looking at probabilities
- Positivism (scientific method and empirical research)
o Looking an individuals destiny is the outcome of ones individual trait
- Cesare Lombroso (atavistic anomalies)
o Individuals who engage in crime has not evolved to what regular
human beings has
o Studied prisoners, individuals who engage in crime shared similar
traits, lean, tall, a lot of hair… etc.
Not a reliable source , too simplistic
Predetermination is still very popular today
The Core Principles of Biosocial Theories
- Genetic make-up contributes significantly to human behavior. Humans are
not created equal
- A focus on brain functioning and mental processes. Learning, mood and
behavioral motivation are influenced by biochemistry and cellular
o What enhances or inhibits an individual
- Instinct influences behavior. There is an innate human drive to possess and
control others.
o Evolution instincts, human beings are animals like any other animal
o We have certain drives and instincts, impacts how we behavior
o Drive for power and control over others
Biochemical Factors and Crime
- Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies.
o Prisons with young offenders are controlling the diet intake
o Shown a decline (positive relationship) between controlling the diet
and discipline incidents over x amount of time
- Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
o Depression mood swings, headaches anger management
- Male hormone levels (the testosterone effect). High levels of testosterone: 1)
lowers resting arousal levels; 2) lowers brain seizure levels; 3) right-ward
shift in neocortical functioning and also the left side of the brain (empathy,
love, understanding, artist traits)
o High testosterone impacts the capacity and likelihood that you will
engage in violent act
o Those with higher levels of testosterone need more stimuli
o Negative impact on human reasoning
o Living, witness and not necessarily engaging in a violent act may
increase ones testosterone level
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