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Gastrulation Post

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University of Windsor
Biological Sciences
Asish Mukhopadhyay

Gastrulation Post implantation: ICM  Epiblast + Hypoblast Epiblast, Hypoblast Gastulalation: epiblast cells move through a structure, forming layers Gastrulation Amphibians – blastopore Fish - germ ring Amniotes - primitive streak Starts 2 weeks after fertilization, and takes 2 more weeks to finish Consequences: 1) Axes apparent (DV, AP, LR) 2) 3 germ layers (ecto, meso, endo) (endo moves through first) 3) cell fates restricted Primitive Streak: Primitive streak Made up of a constantly changing/moving cell population (epithelium  mesenchymal) Epithelium, Mesenchymal Gastrulation ECTODERM Ectoderm Never passes through the primitive streak Neural PLATE folds on itself into the neural TUBE Neural Plate, Tube Just dorsal is the surface ectoderm Surface Ectoderm Neural crest = junction of SE and NT Neural Crest MESODERM – Axial Axial Mesoderm Trunk: Notochord Notochord Head: PreChordal Plate PreChordal Plate **both have signaling roles during development but don’t contribute to much later on in adulthood (nuclei pulposi)** Nuclei pulposi Paraxial: Paraxial mesoderm Begins as a continuous cord of cells on either side of notochord Pinch off to form SOMITES Somites Somites subdivide  SCLEROTOMES + DERMAMYOTOME Sclerotome, (vertebral, ribs, sternum,
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