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University of Windsor
Biological Sciences
Weiguo Zhang

Assignment instructions (55-213: W2014): 1. Download the Assignment form (55213_assignment.pdf) from the CLEW site and follow the instructions given in this instructions file and as discussed in lecture. 2. Fill in all of the boxes in the form. Each box is character limited so once you run out of characters you will not be able to type any more. Please note: any tampering with the format of the form will result in a grade of zero. 3. Once the form is complete, save it to your computer and upload it to the CLEW site. Use the following format for saving the file: assignment_yourlastname. 4. Please upload the PDF file of your scientific research paper (as described in the instructions) using the format: research paper_yourlastname. It has to include the entire research paper and not just the abstract! 4. Completed assignments should be uploaded to the CLEW site by Friday March 28 at 5PM. However, an extension (with no penalty) will be given to all students to upload the assignment by Friday, April 4 by 5PM. Any assignment not submitted by this time will be given zero. Assignment: Rese
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