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Ken Cramer

Debate Notes DATE TEAMS Questi TOPIC PROS CONS Pro vs. on Con Teams Feb.6 1 vs. 2 3 and 4 Projective personality tests  These tests are used worldwide and  Should use projective tests in have been used in in many different fields of study combining other tests as well; alone psychological assessment  Has been around for 100 years would be unreliable for nearly 100 years.  Rebuttal to faking results  any tests  People can fake and manipulate Proponents of their use can be faked results highly value the clinical data  Modern psychology would not exist  Little reliability and validity they may offer, while without projective tests o Different experts can draw opponents criticize their  Emotional bond with the client and different conclusion of the same reliability and validity. PRO the therapist; strengthening their response will argue that the use of relationship o Therapist's unconscious projective tests are valuable  Easier and simple to complete; higher interpretation of the results for psychological likelihood of success o Confirmation bias  using other assessment, while CON will  Projective tests were developed evidence to support their results argue that projective tests' before most tests like behavioural o Cannot tell what is typical or psychometric shortfalls theories atypical response preclude their use as a valid  Projective tests make psychology o Test-retest reliability is low measure. popular  Cultural bias o More people are interested in  Cannot provide test alternatives psychology  Impossible to construct a test without errors Feb.11 3 vs 4 5 and 6 The use of standardized  Higher standard of education  Score choice  students can pick testing for University their best score (the retest is not the entrance is ubiquitous in same; issue with reliability) our society. Proponents  Racial bias and gender bias assert that these tests are Misuse of tests necessary for academic placement and a predictor of performance, while others state that these tests do not adequately assess potential holistically. PRO will argue for the reliability and validity of this testing, while CON will argue that these tests are incomplete and have issues with reliability. Feb.13 5 vs 6 7 and 8 Educational enrichment  These children are mainly kids with With many different types of programs (e.g., Headstart) mental retardation; these programs programs targeting at many generally target school-aged will help children with their struggles different aspect of a child, still no children who have scored intellectually and socially conclusive resources or solid low on IQ measures or are  Opportunity to meet people with evidence proving that the programs considered at risk for school diverse cultures work underachievement. PRO will  Improvement of the child's IQ scores Evidence for benefits of these argue that these programs due to these programs programs are face validity are vital for struggling  Improve long-term cognitive Benefits are not long-lasting school-aged children's developments IQ increase after the programs future academic success,  **Programs mostly focus on social within a year can easily be due to while CON will assert that and language problems maturation, environmental effects, these programs are  Boost in social skills and emotion and parental influences ineffective as evidenced by regulation Too many factors are influencing IQ; unchanged IQ scores and a single program cannot possibly out other factors on subsequent rule all those factors follow-up. Compared to basic classroom settings, these programs have smaller classrooms and more one- on-one interaction with the teacher, so why pay more for these programs? Feb.25 7 vs 8 9 and Various tests attempting to Important for assessing individual  Intelligence doesn’t predict 10 quantify individual potential achievement everything, ex. employment because differences in abilities have Minimize bias by focusing on verbal there are other factors such as been used for centuries. and cognitive skills personality Possibly none has sparked IQ tests are recognized across many  Intelligence is not fixed throughout more controversy than the fields of studies life use of IQ tests to measure Can identify individual differences  Reliability of IQ tests intelligence. Proponents with some degree of inheritability o Unreasonable if basing a child's believe IQ tests are a fair IQ tests are just another way to IQ score and determine how they assessment of intelligence, measure intelligence; but without it, should learn while opponents cite measurement is incomplete o People from different cultures evidence to the contrary. IQ tests are only prediction of what have different IQ tests (tests PRO will argue that IQ tests you most likely to achieve, not a might be cultural biased) are fair and accurate determination of what you will  IQ tests do not take consideration of measures of intelligence, achieve child mental retardation while CON will describe  Must acknowledge individual factors often overlooked by differences these standardized tests. Feb.27 9 vs 10 11 and Using quotas to help ensure Stereotypes still happen with or  Glass ceiling effect 12 that ethnic and gender without quotas  Racial discrimination groups are appropriately  No equal opportunity between represented in universities genders and races and the work place has not been without controversy. One virulent example is the use of affirmative action in the United States. PRO will argue that quotas are
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