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Lecture 1

Psychology 46-322 Lecture 1: Notes on Introduction to Developmental Psychopathology

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Lecture 1 on Introduction to Developmental Psychopathology Differences  The parent of the child is usually the client  Its focus on what the child should be doing at his/her specific stage of development (different from adults; children are always learning at different stages of their development; learning not happening at the same rate as adults)  Parents rarely have good development/knowledge of norms (they don't know what their child should be doing; comparisons with other children are usually false)  Intention in treatment is to get children back on track; not to how they were prior to disorder episode Major Concepts  Risk factors  variables that increase the likelihood of a bad outcome or decrease the likelihood of a good outcome (ex. watching a shooting in a classroom)  Protective factors  those variables that increase the likelihood of a good outcome or reduce the likelihood of a bad outcome  Resilience  the idea of having a good outcome despite the risk factors (ex. going through a trauma and still having a positive outcome)  Multifinality  one factor/variable that predicts lots of different outcomes, regardless of positive or negative outcomes  Equifinality  lots of variables/factors (predictive factors) feed into one outcome Major Risk Factors  Poverty (children in poverty don’t do as well as those living in good environment)  access to resources (ex. high quality schools), healthcare, food, safe neighbourhoods o More likely to expose to gun violence  Sex (boys are at greater risks to have an externalizing disorders, more likely to act out than girls) o Girls are more likely to act inwardly; greater risks to have disorders at a later age  Race/eth
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