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Child Psychopathology Chapter 11

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J.Hakim- Larson

Chapter 11Communication and Learning DisordersththMarch 1719Learning Disability a general nondiagnostic termoNo obvious brain damageoAbility to function based ie math compared to overall functioning may lead to diagnosis Communication Disorder includes diagnostic termsoie stutter articulation issues etc Learning Disorder includes diagnostic terms that refers to specific problems in reading math or writing ability oAcademicachievement skills LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENTInfants selectively attend to parental speechBy age 1 they can recognize several words as well as say a few words to express needs and emotionsoCan express emotional terms and mental terms once this occursoie Theory of MindautismPerceptual maps are formed in the brain when children hear phonemes repetitivelyoThis is why its hard to learn other languages in adulthood By age 1 the map is complete and infants have lost the ability to discriminate sounds not important to their own languagePhonological awareness by age 7oLearn abcs match sound to letters etcoAware of children who have difficulties is this way age 7will already be showing problems Absence of phonological awareness is a persecutor to problems in reading and expressive language developmentLanguage development is an indicator of general mental ability Note Many children have Learning disorders on top of other disorders ie anxietyoImportant risk factorNote First 2 4 years are critical for language development oLanguage neglect not being exposed to sounds and suchImpact on brain development and ability to learn language later on COMMUNICATION DISORDERSIn the DSMIV communication disorders include1Expressive Language Disorder2Phonological Disorder3Mixed ReceptiveExpressive Disorder4Stuttering
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