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Lecture 6

Psychology 46-333 Lecture 6: Notes on Forensic Clinical Psychology

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Kenneth Hart

Lecture 6 on Forensic Clinical Psychology VIDEO  Law, Dangerousness, and Mental Dysfunction: Was Jeffrey Dahmer Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity?  Jeffrey Dahmer had trouble describing details about the victims' deaths after killing them  Lack of conformity to commit killings  He was legally insane because he had a mental disorder called necrophilia  Not from video: **Court of law rules he knew right from wrong and was able to control his actions (not involuntary)** Forensic Clinical Psychology  Jeffre Dahmer (1960-1994) o Serial killer and sex offender o Murdered 17 men and boys o Murders involved rape, dismemberment, necrophilia & cannibalism o But pleaded not guilty be reason of insanity o The juries found him sane  Definition of Forensic Clinical Psychology o The practical application of psychological theory, methods and research to: o The legal and criminal justice system o Law enforcement (police) and the courts o **when clinical psychology intersects with the law Topics of Concern to FP:  Witness memory (Credibility issues)  Untrue confessions Detection of lying and deceit   Psychology of jury selection  Psychology of expert testimony  Assessment o Child custody/parental evaluations, appointment of a guardian ad litem, neutral third party safeguards child's rights o Assessment to predict dangerousness (in cases of someone being released) o Self-harm (ex. suicide risks) and other harm  Evaluation (ex. suspects, parole decision)  Determining legal competency to stand trial  Determining criminal responsibility (ex. the "insanity" defense)  Consultations with law enforcement  Police employment decisions  Not much criminal profiling to assist in solving crimes (unlike on TV); science is lacking in this area  Fitness for duty evaluations (ex. PTSD)  Mental health services to officers and their families (directly or making referrals)  Victim impact assessment (identification of treatment services: o To modify emotional well-being of victim, criminal behaviour of perpetrator  Research (to improve understandings of the causes and cures of criminal behaviour and the consequences of those who are harmed) College of Psychologists of Ontario Requirements to Practice Forensic Psychology  Forensic psychologists have a PhD in clinical psych and specialized training Understanding Risk of Violence  Seung Hui Cho  Virginia tech killing Forensic Evaluation of a Person's Risk for Violence  Highly recommended tests  "Psychopathology Checklist Revised" by Canadian scholar Robert Hare, 1991  Dr. Hare is an expert on "psychopathy"  charming psychopaths who manipulate other
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