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Lecture 8

46-330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Melanie Klein, Object Relations Theory, Introjection

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PSYC 3300
Ken Cramer

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Lecture 8, 9 on Melanie Klein and NeoFreudian
Object relations theory (offspring of Freudian) but with these exceptions:
Less emphasis on biological drives
More maternal
Human contact but not sex related
Klein emphasized first five months of life
Infants fantasize about good and bad things in life so the child have sexual fantasies
towards the mother and destroy the father
Defense mechanisms to protect the ego
Defense mechanisms
Introjection injecting the experiences and perception about the world (usually something
scary or they hate)
Projection releasing bad objects from oneself
Splitting separating good things and bad things
Internalizations taking in things from the world to make sense of them
Klein's internalizations
o Ego not functional until 4/5 years (ignored the id)
o The ego organizes things from outside world into the good and bad boxes
o Superego different from Freud: emerges much earlier in life, much more harsh and
cruel (crushing the ego of small child), not an outgrowth of Oedipus
o Oedipus develops earlier
Contents are placed internally
Impossible to confirm thus hard to falsify
Moving away from biological and toward social and cultural
Silencing the Self (Jack)
o Women develop a sense of self based on close relationship
o When relationships fail, self-esteem drops
o 31-item scale (4 different types of personality)
External self-perception
Case as self-sacrifice
Divided self they don’t complain
o Why 4 factors of self-silencing?
o The 4-items measure itself?
o Sex differences?
Study (Cramer, 2003)
Men actually self-silence more than women
4-factors suitable for women only
Unique structure for men
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