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Chapter 3Consumer BehaviourConsumer Behaviourthe acts that individuals perform in obtaining and using goods and services including the decisionmaking processes that precede and determine these actsoThe purpose of such research is to obtain the answers to a few key questions such asWho makes the buying decisionWho influences the buying decisionWhat motivates the buyers and people of influence to take actionoAnswers to these question will provide valuable input for developing a marketing strategy and marketing communications strategyNeeds and MotivesNeedssuggest a state of deprivationthe absence of something usefulMotivesare the conditions that prompt the action that is taken to satisfy the needThere is a direct relationship between needs and motives with respect to marketing activity and advertising activityoSuch activity must sufficiently develop the target markets need so that the target is motivated to respond to by purchasing the product or serviceMaslow states that individuals move through 5 levels of needsoPhysiological needshunger thirst sex shelteroSafety needssecurity protection comfortoSocial needssense of belonging love from family and friendsoEsteem needsrecognition achievement status need to exceloSelfActualization needsfulfillment to realize potentialPersonality and SelfConceptPersonalityrefers to a persons distinguishing psychological characteristics those features that lead to relatively consistent and enduring responses to the environment in which that person livesoInfluenced by selfperceptions which in turn are influenced by psychological needs family culture and reference groupsSelfConcept Theorystates that the self has four componentsoReal Selfan objective evaluation of the individualIt is you as you really areoSelfImageis how you see yourselfIts like a role you playoLookingGlass Selfis how you think others see youA persons view of how others see them can be very different from how others actually see themoIdeal Selfhow you would like to beIt is what you aspire to
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