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Astronomy Lecture 01 - Sept 14.docx

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Astronomy 1021
Jan Cami

ASTRONOMY 1021 September 14 , 2010 Astronomy – Lecture 1 - Non-mathematical, general astronomy - Objects in nights sky, overview of Solar System (Sun, moon, planets, asteroids, comets, …) - You can help decide what courses will be like (on WebCT there is an anonymous assessment) - Tests & Exams: 75% o Term test = 20% DATE : NOVEMBER 9 , 2010 8:00-9:00 PM o Term test = 20% DATE: FEBRUARY 1 , 2010, 8:00-9:00 PM o Final Exam = 30% o Mastering Astronomy = 10% o Astronomy Projects = 8% o Class Participation/Review Quizzes = 6 % o Outline quiz = 1% - Tests and Exams are multiple choice sheets. ONLY IN PENCIL. o Term Test 1 = lecture 1 to lecture 8 o Term Test 2 = lecture 9 to lecture 16 o Final Exam = lecture 1-5, lecture 17-25 o Specific facts, names & definitions or events, basic insight & understanding of those concepts. - Projects: o Cronyn Observatory Projects – starting now! Your TA will give you the worksheets. Then, you answer questions (5) on WebCT correctly and you pass. Unique code given to you by your TA. Once you start the quiz, you have one hour to finish. Observatory open from 8:00 to 10:30 pm may the weather permit on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. o Software-based or internet projects – at least 5 projects, based on astronomical software and astronomical websites. Google Earth, Starry Night, or similar. o The projects can be mixed and matched for a total of 8% using your best marks. If you do more than needed, only best marks. NO MAKE UPS. - Mastering Astronomy o Use your access code from your textbook and your UWO username as the login name. o Use course ID MACAMI004 when asked. This course is not functional yet, but will be. o MA homework will be available soon. Most will include tutorial component. 50% through tutorial, 50% based on first answer to review questions at end. SAVE BEFORE YOU SUBMIT. o There will be 12 pieces of MA homework. - Clickers o Program clicker with username and NOT your student number, etc. #1 reason f
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