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Lecture 5

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Biology 1001A

Lecture 5: Office Hours After every class (M to Thursday 11:30) Wednesday 4-6pm Friday 10 Room 301G NCB Appointments arranged by email [email protected] Put 1001A in subject.  Differences that matter are (usually) differences in DNA  Clicker Question:  o How many X chromosomes do you have in a given skin cell? o  0  1  2  4  all the chromosomes are in all the cells of the body o "human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals" which of the following chocies most closely reflects your acceptance of the above statement? o  statement is def false  prob false  prob true  def true  A genome is all of the DNA sequence in one copy of an organism's chromosome   Plant cell has a nuclear genome and a mitochondrial genome, plants have mitochondria   Chloroplasts also have a genome   A given plant has 3 genomes  Most times people mean nuclear genome when they say genome  The amount of DNA in one genome is called C   The size of genomes are wildly variable  The size of a genome is known as C  The C of a genome is the amount of DNA in one copy of the genome  Sometimes C is expressed in picograms (weight) or as base pairs  The range of C is broad over domains  The C-value enigma   The impression that humans have more DNA because they're more complex is false  C is not for complexity  some flat warms have 10x the genome size as ours  why does the genome in a taxonomical group have different amount of DNA   why does one frog have more genome than another frog  One C-value is distributed over one set of chromosome  Karyotype is a display of our chromosomes   diploid cell have 2C  Linear chromosomes are (almost) only found in Eukarya
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