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Lecture 15

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Biology 1001A

Lecture 15  Assessment #2 next week  o Watch OWL for details o Lecture 9-15  Hardy-Weinberg also assumes random mating with respect to genotype  o But mating is often non-random o  inbreeding or inbreeding avoidance  assortative or disassortative mating  Non-random mating and evolution?  o If a population begins mating assortatively for a certain trait, but all genotypes have the same fitness, what will happen? o  2 alleles, 3 genotypes (AA, Aa, aa)  intermediate dominance  each genotype mates assortatively  250 AA, 500 Aa, 250 aa (mate with organism that have the same genotype)  population of AA and aa will stay the same,  but the population of Aa will decrease over time because they'll create 125 AA, 250 Aa, and 125 aa  so as it goes on, the heterozygous population will decrease over time  Why Evolution is True  "Humans evolved from earlier species of animals"  Evolution as a fact and a theory  o what do scientists mean by "a theory"? o what do we mean by "true"? o what is the theory of evolution o and what empirical evidence supports this theory?  Evolution is "only a theory"...  o "an assumption based on limited knowledge... a conjecture" (found in dictionaries) o "a coherent set of testable hypotheses that attempt to explain facts about the natural world" (scientific way) o  theory has to be testable  one can show the theory to be wrong (if theory is false, we can show its false)  Atomic theory of matter  Germ theory of infectious disease  Gravitational theory  What do scientists mean when we say that something is "true"?  o "an assertion for which there is so much evidence that it would be perverse to deny it|" - SJ Gould o Theories "graduate" to fact-hood after repeated testing fails to falsify them o Assertions that cannot possibly be falsified are not sci
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