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L06 – Genomic Replication

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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

L06 – Genomic Replication Genome is full of junk DNA. Media is wrong. This is b/c the researchers defined functional as anything that looks like it could be expressed It may be functional but is not functional in terms of building a human (perhaps viruses, bacteria etc) DNA Structure: - made up of two strands of nucleotide polymers - antiparallel (each strand has a 3’ and 5’ end), gives directionality and confers “polarity” - strands fit together in opposite direction - 3’ has free hydroxyl (OH) - 5’ end has a phosphate group - semi-conservative (Meselsen and Stahl experiment) - bases are added to 3’ end. 5’ end is added to 3’ end - every polymerase known in biology extends 3’ ends In the lagging strand of DNA, DNA is synthesized Right to Left in fragments All proteins involved in DNA replication are replisomes. (ex. DNA polymerases, helicases, etc) One strand is continuous, one is discontinuous Replication is semiconservative and semidiscontinuous - be able to draw the structure of a replication bubble w/ all necessary components for replication (w/ primes, enzymes, etc) - replication bubble is two(2) forks - genome cannot be replicated from one origin b/c its so vast * multiple origins fire simultaneously to speed up replication * origins are specific sequences but are not oriented in specific places - Making Connections b/w replication and Cell Cycle S-phase (DNA replicates) G2 (2 molecules of DNA [chromatids] are identical and attached at centromeres) - even during mitosis it is still just ONE CHROMOSOME being dealt with - chromosome number DOES N
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