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Lecture 11

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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

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Relative sizes of typical mitochondrial chloroplast and nuclear genomesNuclear genome is 120 000 kb compared to 16 kb of mitochondria and 200 kb of chloroplastRubisco structure and assembly from components coded by different genomesLol wat Possible reasons why modern organelle genomes have become dramatically smaller over evolutionary timeGenes have been deleted as there is no need for redundancy with nuclear genes eg gene for hexokinase allowing glycolysis Selection favours organelles getting rid of as much genes as possible so long as theyre redundant they are deleted by deletion or mutationLateral gene transferPossible reasons why genes have moved to the nucleus from organelles over evolutionary timeCoordinated controlgreater control in nucleusMitochondria and chloroplasts are sites of reactive oxygen species production which can be mutagenic and damaging thus makes sense to get genes away from there so that they are safer in nucleus You want to get genes out of organelles as they can they participate in sexual recombination and generate diversity but why would you want diversityPossible reasons why certain genes have not moved to the nucleus from organellesMaybe the genes need local control to respo
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