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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Chapter 46.1, 46.4 (Lecture 22) 46.1 Interspecific Interactions • Coevolution involves genetically based, reciprocal adaptations in two or more interacting species. Coevolution is not restricted to two species but often involves complex interactions among several species in a community Community Ecology • Populations that interact in a given place Why are populations distributed the way they are? • Some species limited by a single critical factor • Many species have multidimensional tolerance limits (Day, length, temperature, etc…) 46.1 Ecological niche (2 definitions) • Role based- what an organism DOES • Resource based- what an organism NEEDS (and thus where it lives) Fundamental Niche • Where a species could potentially live (n-dimensional zone of tolerance) • Pre-interactive niche • Don’t occupy fully competition, too many parasites, predators Realized Niche • Where a species actually lives • Post interactive niche • Often smaller than the fundamental niche Competition: Modes and Outcomes • Intraspecific Competition- the dependence of two or more individuals in a population on the same limiting resource (can occur between two different species) • Interspecific C
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