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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Sept 22 2013BIOWhy is Evolution TrueChapter 17 sections 171 172 173 174 Purple pages F10 section on Use of RadioisotopesPREWORK1How is Darwins theory of evolution differed from that proposed by LamarckLamarack Transformational EvolutionAPrinciple of usedisuse body parts grow in proportion to how much they are used conversely unused structures get weakershrinkBInheritance of acquired characteristics changes that an animal acquires during its lifetime are inherited by its offspringDarwin Variational EvolutionAEvolution is a multistage process variation arise win groups natural selection eliminates unsuccessful variationsthe next gen inherits successful variationsBHereditary char may allow some individuals to survive longerreproduce more than others2Meaning of catastrophism gradualism uniformitarianismCatastrophism each layer of fossils represented the remains of organisms that had died in a catastrophe ie floodGradulism earth changed slowly over its historyUniformitarianism changes in the earths crust during geological history have resulted from the action of continuousuniform processes3Difference between relative versus absolute ages of rock formations and the fossils they containRelative Age
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