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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Biology Lecture 4: Cell Cycling  Base pairing is always anti-parallel.  DNA synthesis is bidirectional (replication forks going in both directions). In heritance: o The inheritance of sameness:  Organelle replication/partitioning  DNA (stable double helix structure)  Base-pairing  Checkpoints o Replication “bubble” arises from two “forks” created at one “origin”. o When it’s said that “DNA synthesis is bidirectional” it means that the replication forks are headed out in both directions. o Strand that is replicated continuously is leading. The one that is discontinuous is lagging. Leading and lagging strands depend on replication forks. ***Be able to draw replication fork and bubble. Bacterial Cell Cycle: o Bacteria are immortal and continuously divide. Chromosomes are actively partitioned in the daughter cells, and are split due to binary fission. o Binary fission ensures that daughter cells get one original copy of the chromosome. Stem Cells: o Found in almost all of our tissues. o Self-renewing population. o Progeny are progressively more differentiated. o When a stem cell divides, you are left with one daughter cell, but the daughter cell continuously divides further and differentiates into other blood cells.
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