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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

BIO LECTURE 6 WED SEPTEMBER 29THEUKARYOTIC RECOMBINATION SEE FIGURE 1212 P 261Clicker QuestionsMy son jay as a unique combination of alleles as a result of cutting and pasting DNA backbonesWhen did this cutting and pasting occurawhen he was a newly fertilized zygotebwhen he was a developing fetuscWhen he reached sexual maturitydnone of the aboveANSWER DWhich type of bacterial genetic exchange involves donor cells that are deadaconjugationbtransductionctransformation ANSWER B AND CRECAP Inheritance of Difference in Prokmutations arisebacterial DNA can be moved from Donors to reciepientsDNA can be incorporated into a recipient through recombinationsome genes are mobile so can be transferred to another site then to another hosttransposon aka jumping genes or mobile elementsF Factor is a plasmid that codes only for its own replicationthis is even smaller just the red part a little bit of DNA all it does it code for its own replication and transfercodes for enzyme called transposee it sends a copy of itself from the bacterial chromosome to the other red part on the plasmidex of a replicative movement sends a copy of itself to another sitethe red part is the transposon the yellow part is an antibiodic resistance geneso now this plasmid can transfer this gene to a recipient cellplasmid is transferred through conjugation to a recipient cellduring fertilization genes from two different organisms are brought into close proximity and can recombinea zygote has DNA from two different parents and can therefore cross over and combine to make gametes not to make the rest of the body cells
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