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Lecture 15

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Biology 1001A
Cumming/ Damjanovski

Lecture 15 Outcomes Types of non-random mating - Inbreeding or inbreeding avoidance - Assortative (more common) or disassortative(rare) mating - Often mating is not random *Side note: Hardy Wienberg works if mating is random. Effect of non-random mating on HWE and on evolution -Non-random mating perturbs HWE but doesn’t cause evolution - Non-random mating (specifically assortative) takes it out of HWE and changes the genotype frequencies but does not change allele frequencies of offspring generation to previous generation Characteristics of a scientific theory - Must be testable and falsifiable - Truth in science means that an assertion for which there is so much evidence that it would be perverse to deny it - See if observations and experiments support or contradict the prediction one makes - Theories and facts are different because theories graduate to fact-hood after repeat testing fails to falsify them - Assertions( statements) that cannot possibly be falsified are not scientific Components of the theory of evolution -Evolutions happens: change in allele frequencies in a population between generations. Maybe as a result of selection; ex. Peppered moth (adaptive evolution). Also may occur through random processes; can be adaptive or non- adaptive - Most evolution is gradual; tiny changes through time that gradually change phenotype - Speciation happens: many higher numbers of speciation events through time (single lineages separate into different categories/species through time) -All life is related through a common ancestry(LUCA) - Much of evolutio
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