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Lecture 9

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Biology 1002B
Denis Maxwell

Lecture 9: Saturation Curve 1. How to measure carbon fixation in Chlamydomonas  How much CO i2 actually being incorporate by photosynthesis – amount of CO2produced by respiration  CO 2nalyzer + lights o CO fixation rate (micromol carbon/cell or chlorophyll/min) 2 o Look at concentration change when light turns on or off 2. How one can distinguish between gas exchange in mitochondria from that taking place in the chloroplast of a Chlamydomonas cell.  Measure it in the dark  Measure the level of CO2concentration due to mitochondria 3. Identify major parts of a light response curve for carbon fixation  In the dark o Photosynthesis is off (behave like animal cell) o Rate of mitochondrial respiration only (linear) o Negative CO2fixation since C2 is produced  Room light o Linear increase of CO 2  limit by NADPH, ATP, light  Rate of calvin cycle is directly proportional to rate of the light reaction o More light = more photosynthesis = more CO 2 o More reductant and ATP needed to fix CO2  Low light rate slower (that’s why linear)  Outside o Enzymes in the calvin cycle can’t work any faster (max rate) o Lots of reductant and ATP however rate is limited o Rate plateaus (level off) because of turnover rate of enzymes and regeneration of RuBP  Full sunlight o Max rate reached  Light is excess once saturation point is reached o Protein attached to P680 breaks down/oxidized  Since P680+ is reactive and causes to pull an electron away from protein since it cannot use excess light  Need a lot of protein synthesis to keep the photosystems to work 4. What metabolic processes and external factors may influence the change in rate as a function of light.  Adding or removing reactants o The amount of light
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