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Lecture 15

Biology Lecture 15 Outcomes

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 15 Lactose Lies…  True that it increases when you give e coli lactose, but when does it ever see lactose? Proteins coded in nucleus  Vaucheria is a cenocytic alga: it doesn’t have many cell walls, just one big tube with organelles in it In the nucleus of a Eukaryote: Nucleus gene structure is more complicated than in organelles  Eukaryotic genes tend to have introns they don’t’ have to, but can have hundreds  Promoters attract protein “transcription factors” o They are position dependent o You can’t move them around and still expect them to work o Directional cannot invert it and still work  TATA box attract TATA binding protein on the promoter ***missed point  Other proteins pile onto the promoter  All the factors bound on can be unstable so.. enhancer (binding site) attach with activator proteins and fold DNA over to sandwich the instability  Enhancers are features of eukaryotic gene o Not position dependent as long as it can bend o Enhancers don’t’ have polarity, it can invert and still work We can get different expression of genes from same genome by regulating different combinations of activators  Controls which sequences get transcribed  Eukaryotes don’t’ use hairpin to stop transcription, there’s a clipping sequence 9**SIGNAL IN DNA) it gets transcribed  It attracts an RNAase which cuts the message  Polymerase stops transcribing  We have a free 3’ end of RNA so poly A polymerase adds a string of AAAA on after transcription, THERE IS NO POLY T IN THE DNA!!  Splicsosomes  snRNPs: the have ribosomes and protein in them, they spilce mRNA  catalytic properites lie in the ribosome part  snRNA complimentary base pairs with signals on the mRNA  RNA in snrps base pairs with itself and also pairs with mRNA Alternative
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