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Lecture 8

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Biology 1002B
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The image shows chlorophyll and photosynthetic organisms contain chlorophyll There is little photosynthetic life in the oceans where it is warm Photosynthesis transforms energy from light It can be defined as a light dependent reaction to convert CO or inorganic carbon into an organic form It is metabolic process where light energy 2is used to drive the conversion of CO into sugar There is no usable energy in inorganic carbon 2because it contains oxygen Usable energy means you can extract electrons from those molecules You cannot get electrons from inorganic carbon Sugar has high energy content because it contains a lot of CH bonds Neither carbon nor hydrogen is very electronegative so it is easy to pull those electrons away and use them Photosynthesis overall is an endergonic process and the energy come from light Photosynthesis is basically is the opposite of respiration therefore respiration is exergonicWhether you are talking about respiration or photosynthesis you are talking about redox reaction The electrons move from one molecule to another In the case of photosynthetic carbon reductionfixation COis reduced to sugar Redox reactions are coupled you dont get 2 reduction without oxygen and vice versa Water gets oxidized into oxygen Photosynthesis can be distinguished into 2 processes light reactions and not light reactions The goal of light reactions is to create ATP and NADPH It is an endergonic process The energy to drive the reaction comes from ATP The breakdown of the ATP drives the fixation of CO into 2sugar NADPH is not an energy source it is the reducing part It gives the electrons that can readily be used ATP is the energy source and NADPH is the electron source The single cell alga uses light for energy AND for vision It contains an eyespot which is a very primitive eye Using the eye spot it can detect light in its surroundings The information it gathers from its eye spot is used to regulate the distance it wants to be from light The ability to move toward or away from light is called phototaxis and the eyespot regulates that
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