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Lecture 7

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Biology 1002B
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MembranesTransportsOverviewOver evolutionary timemembranes have come more complexPlasma membrane oSelectively permeable barrieroAllowed for the uptake of key nutrients and elimination of waste oProtected environment in which metabolic processes can occur Internal membranesoAllowed for compartmentalization of processes and increased complexity oEx nuclear envelope Fluid Mosaic Model Consist of fluid lipids in which proteins are embedded and float freely Lipid molecules exist in a double layercalled bilayer that is less than 10nm Molecules vibrate flex back and forth spin around their long axis move sideways and exchange places within the same bilayer half Fluidity is a necessity to functionEmbedded ProteinsMove slowly in membraneTransport Attachment Electron transport Anchor cytoskeleton filaments to the membrane and thus do not move Have carbohydrate groups linked to them forming glycolipid and glycoproteins Proportions of lipid and protein vary depending on type of membrane Ex inner mitochondrial membranelots of proteins for ETC Ex plasma membrane contains equal protein and lipid amounts Layers differ in type of protein Ex internal membranecytoskeleton Ex external membranehormones and glycolipids and carbohydrate groupsLipid Fabric of a Membrane Adjust types of lipids in the membranes such that membranes do not become too viscous or too fluid PhospholipidsoTwo fatty acid tails linked to one several types of alcohols or amino acids by a phosphate groupoAmphipathicemulsifier work together to stop the oil from separating outMolecule consists of a hydrophilic and hydrophobic region
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