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Lecture 2: The Origin of Life

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Biology 1002B
Niki Sharan

Lecture 2The Origin of Lifey 46 billion years age of the Earth condensed into one yearJanuary 1 4600 million years ago August 121400 million years agoEarth was formedMulticellular Eukaryotes March 2 3800 million years ago October 15 600 million years agoAnimalsProkaryotic cellDecember 31 150 000 years agoApril 28 2700 million years agoO Homo Sapiens2 June 132200 million years agoEukaryotes LUCAy Three domains of life on Earth bacteria archaea and eukaryay LUCA stands for last universal common ancestory All forms of life are a descendant of LUCAy All forms of life contain a lipid bilayergenetic system based on DNADNA to RNA to protein transfer of informationcommon system of protein assemblycontain ribosomescontain proteinsutilize and synthesize ATPcontain glucose Life Developed Earlyy Life evolved within 600 million yearsy Stromatolites 35 billion years agostructures produced by microbial activity specifically cyanobacteriaStages of Prebiotic Evolutiony So what do you needAbiotic absence of biology synthesis Heritable information Formation of cellsy Geophysical stagewhat was the composition of the Earth and atmospherey Chemical stagehow could the building blocks of life be synthesized y Biological stagehow did the building blocks organize into living cellsy The geological and chemical stages are reasonably well understood however the biological stage is poorly understood
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