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Lecture 5

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 5 EnergyThermodynamics 4143 Energy Defined as the capacity to do work All energy can be grouped into one of two different states Kinetic and PotentialKinetic o Energy possessed by an object because it is in motion o Waves in the ocean a falling rock kinetic energy of electricity flow of electrons motion of planets PotentialChemical Potentialo Stored energy the energy an object has because of its location or chemical structure o A boulder at the top of a cliff has potential energy because of its position in the gravitational field of Earth The arrangement of atoms in a molecule of glucose has potential energy stored in the specific arrangement of atoms o Chemical potential Energy associated with chemical bonds ThermodynamicsStudy of energy and its transformationsSystem o Object being studiedo Three TypesIsolated System Does not exchanged matter or energy with surroundingsEx Insulated thermos bottle Closed System Can exchange energy but not matter with surroundings Ex Earth Open SystemBoth matter and energy can move freely between system and surroundings Ex Anything living Surroundingso Everything outside the systemFirst Law of ThermodynamicsEnergy can be transformed from one form into another or transferred from one place to another but it cannot be created or destroyed Total energy is constant Also called principle of the conservation of energy
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