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Western University
Biology 1202B
Brenda Murphy

1 23 and Me What can we see in our Population?  17% of us are left-handed  17% of us have family history of multiple sclerosis  19% of us have a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease  29% of us have family history of diabetes  56% of us have family history of baldness  41% of us have a family history of migraines  44% of us have attached earlobes  88% of us have wet earwax  67% of us have a family history of cancer  13% of us have restless leg syndrome  14% of us have perfect pitch  22% of us are lactose intolerance  All of us can smell the asparagus odour in our urine  None of us are world class sprinters  All of us have 23 pairs of chromosomes o Homologous chromosomes have Giemsa Banding Patterns 23 and Me  Privately held California Company o CLIA certified Lab  Developed & offer their test as a service  Do not sell their kit  Spit kit $300 US & questionnaire  DNA microarray (Illumina) o Simultaneous analysis of 960,000 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism [C – G, T – C])  Personal Genomics & Biotechnological Company  Cofounders: Linda Avery & Anne Wojceicki  Wanted to be leaders in understanding human genomic variation SNP’s ~1/300 so why study these 960,000 SNPs?  Literature reviews have identified these 96
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