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Lecture 5

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Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

Types of Vesicles- based on coat GTP Binding Protein controls Coat Anterograde Transport – COP11 VESICLES Protein proteins -GTP binding protein to patch of donor membrane COPII-Anterograde Transport -Coat proteins then bind to cytosolic domain of (RERGolgi) membrane cargo proteins (COPII recognizes sorting COPI-Retrograde Transport (CGNRER) signal, DXE) -Recycles membrane bilayer and certain -Coat gives curvature to membrane and acts as filter to Golgi Complex proteins, and mis-sorted RER proteins Retrograde Transport – COP1 VESICLES vesicle from Golgi to ER KDEL Receptord, shed coat proteins revealing v-snare -located mainly in Cis-Golgi Network, and in COPII, COPI -Fuse with Golgi via v-snare and t-snare interactions -Binds proteins bearing KDEL Sorting signal and returns them to RER -cis; nearest the RER -KDEL Receptor has KKXX Sorting signal which binds to -trans; farthest from the RER COPI proteins -Prevents depletion of RER luminal proteins -flattened, disk-like, cisternae with no Binding affinity of KDEL receptor is sensitive to pH ribosomes -Lower pH; high binding affinity (triggers COPI) -Processing and sorting of proteins (secreted, membrane, lyso
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