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Biology 2382B
Sashko Damjanovski

Cell Bio Section 1CytoskeletonIntricate network of protein filaments that extend throughout the cytoplasm o Microtubules 25nm o Microfilaments 79 nm o Intermediate Filaments 10 nmFunctions often require energyMicrotubulesPolymer ofandtubulinMonomers of 55kDa each dimer is basic subunit8nmForm a structure called a protofilamentall in a single rowProtofilaments come together the form hollow tube like structure which is the microtubule usually 13 protofilamentsHave polarity on one end andon the other endStructure has a seem which suggests that a flat structure folds up into a tube25nm diameter up to 100s of m longDimeric Tubulin SubunitDimer VERY stable binds permanently to GTPcan hydrolyze GTP so can be bound to GTP or GTPAs the polymer protofilament grows s GTP is hydrolyzed Arrangement of MT ProtofilamentsSingletsmost common13 protofilaments forming a single tube of 25nm diameter can grow and shinkDoublets cilia and flagella and Tripletsbasal bodies centrioles which are stable can also be formedmade of 13 protofilament tube with one or two 10 protofilament tubes attachedMicrotubules organized in the interior of the cell2 typescytoplasmic and axonemal
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