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Lecture 5

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Biology 3445F
Zoe Lindo

Lecture 5Species Patterns in Space rdSeptember 23 2013Whitaker relative species abundances loved rank abundance curvesDiversity changes at different spatial scalesAlpha number of species you observe when you go out and sample local patch the richnessGamma essentially the same as alpha but at a larger spatial scale regionBeta describes the variability among local habitat patches Originally thought the relationship was multiplicative and Lande said it was additive later Beta in multiplicative becomes independent has no units Additive beta keeps its unit becomes intuitive measure of species dissimilarity To solve for beta using additive it becomes easy math Says essentially for every patch were missing 16 species from the regional pool SARsOnly real law in ecology you will find more species when you sample larger areas4 types of speciesarea curves a Nested each data point based on a single measurement for a given size Small square then bigger square that contained the smaller square so not independent b Contiguous but based on mean richness for a given area spatial
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