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Western University
Biology 3475A/B
Jeremy Mc Neil

Bio 3475Lec 04 1082010 103100 AM MARKINGS Desert Iguanas flick their tongues mark and push uplooking at tongue flicks and look at if the origin of the marks come from the same individual or from anotherdont get mad at their own markingsincrease in push ups when it is marked by other individuals live in desertsmales responded diff when presence of UV light was therethe compound that they lay down has chemical component and structure that absorbs UVthe lizard can see this spot the female leavesHipposmark territory while running around defecates all around Rhinocerosmark territory in one spot defecate in one spot Animals have glands that excrete things that are used to mark territoryeg oribi male cuts off plant and rubs his eye to leave his odour thereother potential competitors can smell this looking at stem heightsdistribution of high stems in territory before male has marked themafter the stems were shorterDotsmarking sites of dikdik at intersections like stop lights2 roles You are home or you are in someone elses territory and you should move onDotted linethe trailKlipspringermales doing markings are distributed around 55 at a certain level bc of their heightthey choose thinner twigs and less leaves rather than thicker ones easier to markmarkings are at specific placesBB RH SZ are 3 territorieshow much of territory is contested makes sure others do not come into your territorymore observed markings in contested areas than uncontested WHYexam question for applicationmarked in the contested periphery vs non look at chart
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