Biology 1001A Lecture Notes - Transposase, Antimicrobial Resistance, Enol

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14 Nov 2012
Biology Lecture 8: Origin of Variation
Online multiple choice assessment on owl Tues evening to Thurs, 2 chances.
List of mechanisms to generate genomic diversity:
1. Mobile elements (including mutations)
How much human variation is there?
- Venters genome sequence showed 1.2 million variants
- ¾ of diff were CNV’s
- ¼ were SNP’s
- Each person has approx. 1000 CNV affecting 35% of genes
o Also 300 variants in insertion of retro elements (LINES, SINES)
- Think of genome as an ecosystem; inhabited by mobile elements
- Bacterial elements code for their mobility (transposase is the gene)
- Transposase is a recombinase, it makes cuts in DNA backbones
o Imitates movement of sequence to another site
o Transposons can move chunks of DNA, parts that code for antibiotic
- Some kind of elements with, some without making a copy
- Only appears that they jump
- Other elements send a copy of themselves
- Retrotransposons move via RNA
o Reverse transcribe there genes and insert them in another place
- Retroviruses can move within genomes
- Alu elements can cause diseases
What evidence or data would help you determine how long your genome has been
inhabited by a given mobile element?
- Populations from Africa have many more unique and novel snips than other
o A given pair of African people is likely far more different from each other
than I am to them
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