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Hibernation - Guest Lecture study guide that includes all the notes and relevant pictures from lecture as well as additional notes from the assigned readings

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Brent Sinclair

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Organismal Phys Lecture 14 Hibernation Organisms that HibernatePhylogenetically many different orders can hibernateHibernation is an ancestral feature some orders have lost this featureLarger animals tend not to hibernate small animals more likely toIt is questionable whether bears hibernate winter lethargyMonotremata marsupialia pholidota rodentia primates chiroptera insectivore carnivores and dermoptera in each of these at least one member hibernatesFood Availability and Metabolizing FatMammals and birds are endothermic use their metabolism as a source of heat homeotherms maintain a constant body temperatureWhere C is thermal conductanceWhen its cold outside o Mammals will become less thermally conductive better insulatedvalue of C o Will increase their metabolic rate burn more energy generate more heat this diagram just shows that during the winter months food is relatively unavailable and therefore energy is scarceDuring the summer months food availability is high and the metabolic rate is close to BMR because the animal doesnt need to keep itself warm therefore wont need to expend energyAnimals cant store food because1 Will spoil2 Other animals willsteal it3Where to put it
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